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Why We Changed Our Church's Name...

Wilmington First Assembly has re-launched its ministry under the new name Port City Church. Continue reading to find out why...

Dear Church Member,

Throughout the Bible, when God has a new purpose and plan, He would often change someone’s name.

In last year’s annual business meeting I introduced the leaderships desire to re-launch Wilmington First Assembly under a new name. After 3 separate votes (by e-mail, in-house comment cards and texting) and receiving many of your suggestions and overall picks, the final name with the most votes has been decided.

  • Wilmington First Assembly will be re-launching its ministry under the new name Port City Church!

As a church that desires to reach more than the City of Wilmington, Port City Church (PCC) will broaden its scope to reach other cities that identify, work and live around the port such as Long Beach, San Pedro, Carson, Lomita and Harbor City. The new logo is a pilot boat and cross.

The functions of the pilot boat are to bring vessels safely into port. Maneuvering a ship through the shallow water to dock or undock in a port takes teamwork that involves, apart from the pilot, the ship's captain, ship's crew, port tugs, and shore linesmen. Even if a ship Captain is a regular visitor to a certain Port, he cannot match the expertise and experience of the Pilot and his boat!

Like the captain and his pilot boat, we desire to:

  1. Bring People Safely Into A Relationship With Christ.

  2. To Be Part Of A Team That’s Involved In Loving, Building And Serving Others.

  3. To Possess The Skills And Experience To Fully Disciple A New Believer.

When a name has no meaning to the people that it’s trying to reach and, when the name works against inspiring awareness, then it’s time to change. This new church name helps us to communicate a new “identity” and “strategic direction”.

Because Wilmington First Assembly has been in the city for so long, it’s quite possible that many who have come through our doors in the past have a wrong picture of what to expect presently. A re-launch sends the message that something is happening differently and may stimulate curiosity to many who would otherwise not consider visiting again.

A new name will not change us entirely. The name may change, but the message will not. We will remain to be an Assemblies of God church, just with a new name that matches our new strategic plan and value system.

Our need to pray, invite, reach out to others, regularly attend services, faithfully give tithes and offerings, and to join with others in fellowship and service have not changed!

What Do We Hope To Accomplish With This Name Change?

  • We hope to stimulate interest and raise awareness in our community.

  • We hope to change how people in our community notice and respond to us.

  • We hope to communicate our passion for our church and our community.

We believe a new name would help people who are looking for a home church, to find what they’re looking for: an inclusive, multi-cultural, Spirit-filled, disciple-making, children oriented, outreach-focused church.

My hope and prayer is: That, with a new name and the new strategic plan for effective ministry, we’ll move into the future with faith, honor and gratitude for all the resources we’ve inherited from those who have gone before us. My hope is that we always give thanks for those who in the past planted, cared for, and developed our church in our city. My prayer is that we will honor their faith, service, and sacrifice by being faithful ourselves to expand the kingdom of God in our city and world through our loving commitment to, and faithful stewardship of, this church, this building, and this location! All to the glory of God!

Pastor Adam De La Vega

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