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2023 Event Calendar

Alive Women's Ministry

This is a ministry that encourages, inspires, and equips women through the Word of God using studies designed especially for women. It’s a ministry for women to learn and fully utilize their gifts and talents in life and in the church. It also provides opportunities for our women to connect with other women and experience the LOVE of our Lord more intimately.

2023 Event Calendar        

​ No Upcoming Events

Women Studies

  • Women's Bible Studies

Wednesday at 7:00 PM, led by Melissa Ruvalcaba

  • Discipleship Study

Tuesday mornings at 11:00 AM, led by Socorro Cobarruvias

via Zoom.


Contact the church office for more information.

Tel: (310) 830-5071 or contact Melissa Ruvalcaba by email.


Wisdom for Work From the Exodus

7 Days

The impetus for the exodus was “harsh labor” and slavish jobs (see Exodus 1:14; 3:7-8). Not surprisingly, the Book of Exodus has a lot to teach us about our own work today. In this seven-day plan, we’ll travel with Moses from Egypt, through the Red Sea, and to the foot of Mount Sinai to extract wisdom for our work from the exodus!


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