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12-24-2023 The Difficulties of Christmas.pdf

12-17-2023 The Glory Of God Don’t Be Afraid.pdf

12-10-2023 The Glory Of God Becoming Image Bearers.pdf

12-03-2023 The Glory Of God Receive The Gift.pdf

11-26-2023 The Glory Of God Dwelling Among Us.pdf

11-19-2023 The Glory of God Feeling The Weight.pdf

11-12-2023 The Glory Of Baptism.pdf

11-05-2023 Let Me See Your Glory.pdf

10-29-2023 Our Deepest Thoughts And Desires What Were You Expecting.pdf

10-22-2023 Exposing Our Deepest Thoughts And Desires.pdf

10-15-2023 Exposing Our Deepest Thoughts And Desires.pdf

10-08-2023 Our Personal Thoughts And Desires Who Are You Fooling.pdf

10-01-2023 Exposing Our Deepest Thoughts And Desires.pdf

09-24-2023 The God Of This World.pdf

09-10-2023 Living Like The World .pdf

09-03-2023 The Love Of The World.pdf

08-20-2023 The Road To Transformation Part 2.pdf

08-13-2023 The Road To Transformation.pdf

07-16-2023 The Place Of Victory The Hidden Things.pdf

07-09-2023 The Place Of Victory Faith & Obedience.pdf

07-02-2023 The Place Of Victory Preparing For Victory.pdf

06/25/2023 The Place of Victory: Continuous Growth.pdf

06-18-2023 The Place of Victory The New You.pdf

06-11-2023 The Place Of Victory Learning From The Past.pdf

05-28-2023 Willful Giving - Worship Or Waste.pdf

05-14-2023 Willful Giving - Make it Count.pdf

05-07-2023 Giving Willingly - Thankfulness.pdf

04-23-2023 Why - So Many Ideas But One Truth.pdf

04-16-2023 Why - So Many Ideas But One Truth.pdf

04-09-2023 Easter - Whats Keeping You Down.pdf

04-02-2023 Hail To The King Crushed Expectations.pdf

03-26-2023 The Power Of Invitation Never Be Thirsty Again.pdf

03-19-2023 The Power Of Invitation I Will Give You Rest.pdf

03-12-2023 The Power of Invitation There Is Still Room For More.pdf

03-05-2023 When God Moves When In Doubt.pdf

02-26-2023 When God Moves Can You See Now.pdf

02-19-2023 When God Moves Tests Temptations And Trials.pdf

02-12-2023 When God Moves Can’t Stop Me Know.pdf

01-29-2023 Our Mission - Love God, Build Relationships, and Serve Others.pdf

01-22-2023 Our Mission - Serve Others.pdf

01-15-2023 Our Mission - Build Relationships.pdf

01-08-2023 Our Mission - Love God.pdf

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