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We believe God does not have favorites...

Our Culture/ Values



The PCC culture is one of diverse ethnicities. PCC seeks to be genuine in relationships and personal growth with God. Our approach is contemporary and non-oppressive. We believe everyone is on a personal journey of discovering Christ for themselves, personal relationships, and community service or outreach. We preach the message of Christ without bashing society.


Because we believe God does not have favorites, YOU matter to Him! Everyone who comes to PCC is a valued person whom God desires to bring meaningful relationships and purposeful living to. We hope to love people the way God does.


We believe the best way to connect with God, whether in church or by our selves 

is through the Bible, worship, and prayer. Every time we come together we aspire

to bring these three elements together. Becoming an effective follower of

Jesus Christ is being a student of the Bible along with humility and servanthood.


Building relationships is important for any person seeking to live for God. The Bible is a book about relationships; therefore, we must seek out healthy and proper ones. When conflict arises we seek to bring a solution through biblical truths. We believe God brings everyone together because He knows the potential of our gifts and talents and is supreme over us all.


As one grows in their faith there is a supernatural propensity to grow in maturity often revealed in teaching, mentoring, and/or serving those who are in need. Spiritual growth is a byproduct of yielding one’s ways to God. A heart surrendered to God is a teachable heart. We are all growing in Christ and will never be perfected until we see Him face to face.

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