12-27-2020 The Journey Continues.pdf

12-24-2020 As Weak As A Baby.pdf

12-20-2020 Ordinary People; Extraordinary God.pdf

12-06-2020 Joy, Peace, Hope and Power.pdf

11-29-2020 Spiritual Authority The Unseen World.pdf

11-22-2020 Spiritual Authority Fruit Inspecting.pdf

11-15-2020 Spiritual Authority Our Mediator.pdf

11-08-2020 Spiritual Authority What's In The Name.pdf

11-01-2020 Spiritual Authority Laying The Foundation.pdf

10-25-2020 Anxiety And Fear Facing Impossible Situations.pdf

10-18-2020 Anxiety And Fear This Isn't Normal.pdf

10-11-2020 Anxiety And Fear When It Won't Go Away.pdf

10-04-2020 Anxiety And Fear The Human Reaction To Hectic Times.pdf

09-20-2020 God's House Sharing Burden's and Bestowing Blessings.pdf

09-06-2020 God's House Utilizing Full Access.pdf

08-30-2020 Loving, Buiding, and Serving In Hard Times When Opportunity Knocks.pdf

08-23-2020 Loving, Buiding, and Serving In Hard Times I Feel Like I'm In Prison.pdf

08-16-2020 Loving, Building, And Serving In Hard Times If The Lord Is With Us Why Has All This Happened To Us.pdf

08-08-2020 Loving, Building and Serving in Hard Times.pdf

08-02-2020 Loving, Building and Serving in Hard Times.pdf

07-12-2020 Prayer For All People.pdf

07-05-2020 Prayer I Got Your Back.pdf

06-28-2020 Prayer Keep On Asking.pdf

06-21-2020 A Father's Burden.pdf

06-14-2020 Prayer Don't Give Up.pdf

06-07-2020 Prayer Supernatural Gift Or Christian Discipline.pdf

05-24-2020 The Way Maker Obey Hesitate  Or Stay Put.pdf

05-17-2020 The Way Maker Not A Scratch Was Found.pdf

05-10-2020 The Way Maker Thank God For Your Good Sense.pdf

05-03-2020 The Way Maker God, Won't You Stop Them.pdf

04-26-2020 The Way Maker When In Babylon.pdf

​04-19-2020 The Way Maker Shut The Door Behind You.pdf

04-12-2020 Who Will Roll Away The Stone For Us.pdf

04-10-2020 Death Producing Life.pdf

04-05-2020 Missing the Point.pdf

03-29-2020 Surrounded On All Sides.pdf

03-22-2020 In Times Like These.pdf

03-08-2020 The Controversial Church It's My Body.pdf

02-23-2020 The Controversial Church Step Up And Fight.pdf

02-16-2020 The Controversial Church Itchy Ears Revisited.pdf

02-09-2020 The Controversial Church Itchy Ears.pdf

01-26-2020 The Controversial Church Living, Moving, and Existing.pdf

01-12-2020 The Controversial Church The Cultural Challenge.pdf

01-05-2020 The Controversial Church Where Do We Begin.pdf