01-06-2019 Beating The Odds There's Just No Way.pdf

01-13-2019 Beating The Odds The Slavery Is Over.pdf

01-20-2019 Beating The Odds The Slavery Is Over Part 2.pdf

01-27-2019 Beating The Odds Your Red Sea Moment.pdf

02-03-2019 Come Up Higher It's Time To Grow Up.pdf

02-17-2019 Come Up Higher Amidst Uncertainty.pdf

02-24-2019 Come Up Higher Be Transformed.pdf

03-03-2019 Come Up Higher Be His Ambassador.pdf

03-10-2019 Mental Anguish & Depression Is There Hope.pdf

03-17-2019 Mental Anguish & Depression What Have You Done.pdf

03-31-2019 Mental Anguish & Depression What Can I Do.pdf

04-07-2019 Enter In Only A Shadow.pdf

04-14-2019 Enter In Jesus Is The Gate.pdf

04-21-2019 Nothing But The Facts.pdf

04-28-2019 Enter In The Illumination Of God.pdf

05-05-2019 Enter In The Provision Of God.pdf

05-12-2019 Enter In The Sweet Aroma.pdf

05-19-2019 Enter In He Made The Way.pdf

05-26-2019 Enter In Justice and Love.pdf

06-09-2019 Removing Our Inner Pharisee No, Not Me.pdf

06-16-2019 Removing Our Inner Pharisee Who's Your Daddy.pdf

06-23-2019 Removing Our Inner Pharisee Age-Old Traditions.pdf

06-30-2019 Removing Our Inner Pharisee Sawdust and Logs.pdf

07-07-2019 Swimming Upstream Let's Be Haters.pdf

07-14-2019 Swimming Upstream Kept Safe From Evil.pdf

07-21-2019 Swimming Upstream The Crucified Life.pdf

08-11-2019 Stirred Heart - Luke 24.pdf

08-18-2019 Communicating With Honor.pdf

09-01-2019 Communicating With Honor Agree To Disagree.pdf

09-08-2019 Communicating With Honor The Determining Factor.pdf

09-15-2019 Communicating With Honor Harmony Trumps Criticism.pdf

09-22-2019 Communicating With Honor Reducing The Offense.pdf

10-06-2019 Crazy Things Jesus Said Would You Like To Get Well.pdf

10-13-2019 Crazy Things Jesus Said Take Up Your Cross.pdf

10-20-2019 Crazy Things Jesus Said Go And Sin No More.pdf

10-27-2019 Crazy Things Jesus Said Make Disciples.pdf

11-03-2019 The Power Of An Invite The Invitation To Participate.pdf

11-17-2019 The Power Of An Invite The Reverse Invitation.pdf

12-01-2019 Peace On Earth.pdf

12-15-2019 Peace On Earth It's A Fixed Thing.pdf

12-22-2019 Peace On Earth The Final Word.pdf